Dawa Group


Our Vision

To be the most respected company in marketing and manufacturing of quality pharmaceutical products in Africa.

Our Mission

Grow the business through ethical and superior customer service ensuring greater social responsibility and value creation.


Our company values are the benchmark for our thinking and actions. They are the essence of what ties us together today and tomorrow.

  1. Teamwork:  We are a strong company with diverse disciplines working together to conquer major challenges. We treat our fellow employees and our customers with trust and respect.
  2. Positive Attitude and Initiative: We enjoy our work, and mix a serious commitment and drive to succeed with the ability to celebrate along the way which even leads to healthy self-perception.
  3. Professionalism: Our employees are committed to achieving excellence in quality standards. We believe in reliability, even-handedness and discretion.
  4. Integrity & Trust: We generate an atmosphere of esteem, fairness, open and honest communication. Thoughts and actions entail doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances; whether or not anyone is watching.
  5. Responsibility:  We do what we say by anticipating and/or resolving critical issues and acting with a strong sense of urgency to implement solutions. Our concern for the society and environment is a sense of responsibility that defines our existence.
  6. Quality: In meeting customers’ needs, everything we do must be of high-quality. We are devoted to ensure quality in all our endeavors and to maintain the highest ethical standards in our business practices.

These values determine our actions in our daily dealing with customers and business partners as well as in our teamwork and our collaboration with each other.

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