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Product NameTherapeutic ClassMoleculeStrengthDosage FormPack Size
Panto CapsulesAntiulcer (Proton Pump Inhibitor)PantoprazolePantoprazole 40mgCapsules1 x 10
Pen VAntibacterial, AntibioticPhenoxymethylpenicillinPhenoxymethylpenicillin 250mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Penicillin 1Antibacterial, AntibioticSodium BenzylpenicillinSodium Benzylpenicillin 1.0IUInjectionVial
Penicillin 5Antibacterial, AntibioticSodium BenzylpenicillinSodium Benzylpenicillin 5.0IUInjectionVial
Penofen SRAnalgesicDiclofenac SodiumDiclofenac Sodium Sustained Release 75mgCapsules2 x 10
PhenbitalAnticonvulsantPhenobarbitolPhenobarbitol 30mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Rinacet SyrupAntihistamineCetirizineCetirizine 5mg/5mlSyrup60ml
Rinacet TabletsAntihistamineCetirizineCetirizine 10mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
RupahistAntihistamineRupatadineRupatadine 10mgTablets3 x 10
Sabulin SyrupAntiasthmaticSalbutamolSalbutamol 2mg/5mlSyrup100ml, 60ml
Sabulin TabletsBronchodilatorSalbutamolSalbutamol 4mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Stopacid SuspensionAntacidAluminium Hydroxide, Magnesium TrisilicateAluminium Hydroxide 120mg + Magnesium Trisilicate 250mg/5mlSuspension100ml
Stopacid TabletsAntacidAluminium Hydroxide, Magnesium Trisilicate, Peppermint OilAluminium Hydroxide 120mg + Magnesium Trisilicate 250mg + Peppermint Oil 0.003mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Streptomycin 1gAntibacterial, AntibioticStreptomycin SulphateStreptomycin Sulphate eq. to Streptomycin Base 1gmInjectionVial
Sucralox SuspensionAntacidOxetacaine BP, Sucralfate BPEach 10ml Contains: Sucralfate BP 1gm + Oxetacaine BP 20mgSuspension200ml
Sulphur OintmentAntibacterial, AntibioticPrecipitated SulphurPrecipitated Sulphur 1% w/wOintment20gm
TheophedAntiasthmaticEphedrine HCl, TheophylineTheophyline 120mg + Ephedrine HCl 11mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Topquine MixtureAntimalarialQuinineQuinine (as dihydrochloride) 50mg/5mlSuspension100ml, 60ml
Topquine Paediatric DropsAntimalarialQuinine DihydrochlorideQuinine Dihydrochloride 200mg/mlSuspension15ml
Topquine TabletsAntimalarialQuinine SulphateQuinine Sulphate 300mgTablets10 x 10
Trimoxol 480 TabletsAntibacterial, AntibioticSulphamethoxazole, TrimethoprimSulphamethoxazole 400mg + Trimethoprim 80mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Trimoxol SuspensionAntibacterial, AntibioticSulphamethoxazole, TrimethoprimSulphamethoxazole 200mg + Trimethoprim 40mg/5mlSuspension100ml, 50ml, 60ml
VermoutAnthelminticMebendazoleMebendazole 100mg/5mlSuspension30ml
Whitfield’s SkinAntifungal, KeratolyticBenzoic Acid, Salicylic AcidBenzoic Acid 6% w/w + Salicylic Acid 3% w/wOintment20gm
Product NameTherapeutic ClassMoleculeStrengthDosage FormPack Size