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Product NameTherapeutic ClassMoleculeStrengthDosage FormPack Size
AceparAnalgesicAceclofenac, ParacetamolAceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 500mgTablets1 x 10
Acepar MRAnalgesicAceclofenac, Clorzoxazone, ParacetamolAceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 500mg + Clorzoxazone 375mgTablets1 x 10
Acepar PlusAnalgesicAceclofenac, ThiocolchicosideAceclofenac 100mg + Thiocolchicoside 4mgTablets1 x 10
Acepar SPAnalgesicAceclofenac, Paracetamol, SerratiopeptidaseAceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 500mg + Serratiopeptidase 15mgTablets1 x 10
AcezymeNSAIDAceclofenac, Bromelain, Rutoside, TrypsinTrypsin 48mg + Bromelain 90mg + Rutoside 100mg + Aceclofenac 100mgTablets1 x 10
Amiline TabletsAntidepressantAmitriptylineAmitriptyline 25mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Amlodawa 10AntihypertensiveAmlodipineAmlodipine 10mg TabletsTablets3 x 10
Amlodawa 5AntihypertensiveAmlodipineAmlodipine 5mg TabletsTablets3 x 10
Ampecin 500 CapsulesAntibacterial, AntibioticAmpicillin, Ampicillin TrihydrateAmpicillin Trihydrate eq. to Ampicillin 500mgCapsules10 x 10
Ampecin SuspensionAntibacterial, AntibioticAmpicillinAmpicillin 125mg/5mlSuspension100ml, 60ml
Ampiclo-Dawa 500 CapsulesAntibacterial, AntibioticAmpicillin, CloxacillinAmpicillin 250mg + Cloxacillin 250mgCapsules10 x 10, 500
AmpiClo-Dawa 500 InjectionAntibacterial, AntibioticAmpicillin, CloxacillinAmpicillin 250mg + Cloxacillin 250mgInjectionVial
AmpiClo-Dawa Neonatal DropsAntibacterial, AntibioticAmpicillin, CloxacillinAmpicillin 60mg + Cloxacillin 30mg/0.6mlSuspension10ml
AmpiClo-Dawa SuspensionAntibacterial, AntibioticAmpicillin, CloxacillinAmpicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg/5mlSuspension100ml, 60ml
AntihistAntiasthmaticMepyramine MaleateMepyramine Maleate 2% w/wCream15gm
Ascorbic Acid 100MultivitaminAscorbic AcidAscorbic Acid 100mgTablets1,000, 10 x 10
Ascorbic Acid 250MultivitaminAscorbic AcidAscorbic Acid 250mgTablets1,000
Ascorbic Acid 500MultivitaminAscorbic AcidAscorbic Acid 500mgTablets1,000
Azidawa 100 DPSAntibioticAzithromycinAzithromycin 100mg/5mlSuspension15ml
Azidawa 200 DPSAntibioticAzithromycinAzithromycin 200mg/5mlSuspension15ml
Azidawa 500 TabletsAntibacterial, AntibioticAzithromycinAzithromycin 500mgTablets1 x 3
BaronBone Resorption InhibitorIbandronic AcidIbandronic Acid 150mgTablets1
Carbosten 2%MucolyticCarbocisteineCarbocisteine 50mg/5mlSyrup100ml
Carbosten 5%MucolyticCarbocisteineCarbocisteine 100mg/5mlSyrup100ml
Carbosten with PromethazineAntihistamine, MucolyticCarbocisteine, PromethazineCarbocisteine 100mg + Promethazine 2.5mg/5mlSyrup100ml
Product NameTherapeutic ClassMoleculeStrengthDosage FormPack Size