Dawa Group


Dawa Limited takes pride in our staff – because we work with the best, and only the best. We have been in the pharmaceutical industry for long enough to know what it takes to make a great career out of it, and that is exactly what we offer, a great career. We cultivate a positive working environment. We know that it starts with us and make it our goal to provide a working space where innovation is encouraged.

We took the time to work together and build a culture that would enable us to work towards the greater good of not only ourselves but the world as a whole. We, together, have built a culture of cooperation and persistent hard work. We take note of progress and acknowledge that our progress is your progress.

We know that with this as our culture, we can consistently deliver effective products to sustain the lives of those in need the most. We believe that we are helping to make Africa and the world a healthy place.

The Right people, with the Right abilities, in the Right place, at the Right time.

Human Capital Manager

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