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If you ever sought to know the best manufacturers of veterinary and animal health products in Kenya and East Africa, then here is the answer: Dawa Limited. We produce both specialized and general-purpose drugs for animals. Our therapies include:

  • Anthelmintics
  • Poultry Health Products
  • General Animal Healthcare Products
  • Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

We know that you have invested heavily in livestock production, and you want the best returns from your investments. However, there is a myriad of parasites and diseases, which though can be managed with, ease, can nonetheless lead to low yields, poor health and even death of livestock.


This includes flukes, tapeworms, round worms, and flat worms, among other parasites that affect livestock. In addition to causing ill health to your animals, nematodes have been known to lower milk production, and lowering the quality of meat in livestock.

To deal with the nematode problem, Dawa Limited has a complete range of solutions for Anthelmintics. This includes Dabendazole-300, Dascarnil Worm Powder, and Dawasole Worm Drench, among others, which have proven effectiveness in wiping out the menace.


The growing popularity of poultry farming in East and Central Africa has significantly improved food and nutritional security, as well as people’s levels of income. However, whether grown for eggs or for meat, chicken face a number of preventable challenges, which at times threaten to wipe out an entire batch. Ranging from Coccidiosis, to Fowl Cholera and New Castle Disease.

Good news is that these and more conditions can be treated and prevented through use of recommended poultry medicines from Dawa Limited. This includes Dawadime Poultry Suspension, Egocin Chick Formula Powder, Egocin Egg Formula Powder and more. You may request your Vet’s recommendation on the best solution from Dawa Ltd.

Our company also manufactures a wide range of general animal health products, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements to boost your livestock’s productivity.

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