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Dawa Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in Kenya, and East Africa. Through our specialized Animal Health and Human Health divisions, we have over the decades provided front line products that have ensured enhanced animal productivity and best quality of life for patients.

In 2004, Medisel (K) Ltd acquired Dawa Limited, as a strategy to grow and enhance company’s position in East Africa’s pharmaceutical industry. This also enabled Dawa Limited to leverage on the expansive network of its new parent company to widen Dawa’s market reach. Today, our products can be found in virtually every African country, thanks to our commercial operations in more than 10 countries in Eastern, Central, and Western Africa.

We envisage our company growing to become one of the global leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. To meet market demand for various types of antibiotics in the region, Dawa Limited has been pursuing an aggressive growth strategy, which has seen the company set up a state-of-the art Penicillin manufacturing facility.

Penicillins are a kind of antibiotics that are used in the prevention and treatment of different kinds of bacterial infections. This new facility places Dawa Limited at the top of the list of Kenya’s leading manufacturers of antibiotics for use in animal and human health.

We have the requisite capacity to achieve our ambitious growth strategy. We have some of the best pharmacy laboratory and equipment in the region. We also employ the best pharmacy graduates from local universities and colleges. Our excellent induction programme matches the graduates with experienced professionals to ensure that the graduates grow into highly resourceful individuals. We then place the most promising personnel in strategic positions to propel the company further into market leadership. With this, nothing stands in the way to our success and sustainability as a company.

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