Dawa Group


2004 – Acquisition of Dawa Pharmaceuticals

Dawa Pharmaceuticals, a 42 year old leading pharma manufacturing company with Pan-African presence was acquired by Medisel (Kenya) Limited, leading to the birth of Dawa Group.

2005 – NDA & MEDS Inspection

The first NDA and MEDS inspection was carried out under new management.

2006 – Business Expansion

Started business with the Government of Kenya through KEMSA.

2010 – Worldwide Presence

Regional and international expansion widened the company’s distribution network. Liaison offices were established in China and India in a bid to strengthen the logistics and distribution services.

2013 – New Manufacturing Plant

Construction of a new manufacturing plant (Non-Beta Lactam) commenced.

2014 – SAP System

Installation and integration of the SAP System.

2015 – New Technical Systems

The facilities at Dawa Limited were renovated with new technologies.

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